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Welcome to our online Tenant guide! Click below for information on maintaining your home.

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Maintenance Guide

The features and systems in your home require routine maintenance. Eaton Realty is not responsible for damage, deterioration or destruction of items due to improper or inadequate maintenance by the tenant.

Preventive maintenance on your home should begin when you move in. Read this manual to become familiar with the procedures for maintenance. Sections provide an overview of the features and materials in your home. Study each section carefully so that you become familiar with the routine maintenance that your home requires. Some of items may not apply to your particular home.

The care and maintenance information obligations set forth in this section and elsewhere in this manual are not exclusive. Various products and materials incorporated into your home have maintenance guidelines published by their manufacturers, which have been provided to you. In addition, your home could have features or items that are not listed in this manual. If you have questions, please contact Eaton Realty.