Shawn Eaton, Director of Operations

Shawn Eaton

Shawn Eaton

“No two days are the same at Eaton Realty. I enjoy that new challenges are always presenting themselves. But most of all, getting to work with my dad is a tremendously rewarding experience.”

Since joining Eaton Realty full-time in 2004, Craig’s son, Shawn Eaton, has been focused on improving processes and judiciously incorporating technology into the company’s operations … specifically with an intent to streamline real estate transactions as a benefit to clients and staff alike.

A graduate of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC—with B.S. degrees in both Electrical and Computer Engineering—Shawn is also responsible for maintaining and planning Eaton Realty's IT infrastructure and website design, human resources and overseeing accounting activities. Additionally, Shawn is on the creative team involved in marketing and community outreach.

Shawn’s career with Eaton actually goes back to 2002, as he provided part-time IT support to the agency for two years while living in Raleigh, NC. Shawn helps to ensure Eaton Realty's tradition of outstanding customer service is delivered every day.  It was during this period that he found he enjoyed being the company’s “jack-of-all trades” and putting his technical skills to work in a small business atmosphere. 

Contact Information

Shawn Eaton
Director of Operations
813.672.8022 x115
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Raleigh, North Carolina


B.S. Electrical Engineering and B.S. Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University

Personal Interests/Associations

Live theatre, dining out, traveling, volunteer work with Balance Tampa Bay.

In Tampa Bay Since ...


Professional Experience

Most of Shawn’s professional career has been with Eaton Realty where he has been engaged on multiple fronts including: marketing, human resources, IT systems, and business processes.

How Shawn is Making a Difference at Eaton

Shawn is a problem-solver; one who brings an engineer’s eye for efficiency and process improvement to every task. More uncommonly, he applies this “make-it better” mindset to aspects of small business operations that transcend production or technological systems.

Shawn’s Advice to Area Newcomers

“FishHawk is a beautiful respite from city life—quiet, green and harmoniously blends in with nature.”