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Home Selling 101

There are Only Two Reasons Homes Don’t Sell: Price and Exposure

Every home will sell at a given price in any market! If you don’t believe that, I guarantee I can sell your house today - no matter the condition. I offer you $1.00. SOLD!

Actually you may want more than $1.00, so as the price goes up the number of people willing to buy goes down, to the point where you overprice the home and NO ONE wants it. The goal is to get the most for your house in the least amount of time.

Only you the seller can control the price, but it’s our responsibility to let the public know your home is available. To be successful you can’t have one without the other:

  • If you have the lowest price and no one knows about it, your house WON’T sell.
  • If hundreds of prospects go through your house and you're not asking a fair price, your house WON’T sell.

We will guide you on the right price buy researching the market, but getting adequate traffic through your home is a secret that I will share with you.

The Secret to Eaton Realty LLC’s Marketing Plan

People often ask us: "What is the secret to your Marketing plan?" The answer is simple: We market your home as professionally as possible to the widest possible audience of buyers and keep you informed throughout the process.

Here's how:

  • Feedback. Provides exclusive access to your private website where you can keep track of the home selling process from anywhere, anytime, 24/7. You can see all showings that have been scheduled for your home along with feedback reports displaying comments solicited from the buyers agent. You can see first hand the opinions of buyers that have looked at your home.
  • FlexRATE Marketing Program. By providing you choices other than the one-size-fits-all approach to selling your home, you stay in control and only pay for the services you need. Get the FlexRATE details now!
  • Property Management. Our first-class property management is valued by more than 60 investors -- the most discriminating of property management clients, and is now available to you! We can list your home both for sale and for lease to further minimize the time on the market.

In the real world there is NO magic marketing pill. Relying on the tried-and true methods that have been successful for years, with the addition of innovative products and technologies is the most effective way to sell your home.

There's one more thing ... Your Agent!

Having 40+ years of award winning Real Estate and sales experience means when all this marketing generates a prospect, we easily develop the trust needed for them to do business with us. Knowing how to relate in an honest and knowledgeable manner keeps buyers from skipping from agent to agent.

There are buyers in the market every day. Our job is to identify, qualify and satisfy. In sales, they say once you have answered all of a buyers concerns, the sale comes naturally. Every member of the Eaton Realty team works closely, making sure our collective experience is available to every buyer or seller that contacts us.

I would appreciate an opportunity to explain how we do things better and why Eaton Realty should be the team that sells the most valuable asset you own.

Contact us today for a free in home consultation. There's never any sales pressure, just honest advice from the company you trust: Eaton Realty!

List your home for as little as $495!

FlexRate Marketing OptionsOur exclusive FlexRATE program affords you four options to market your home for sale. Options?! No wonder it's so popular! Sell your home with FlexRATE.