Buy Low; Sell High (or Enjoy Recurring Rental Revenue Forever)

Optimize your investment property portfolio with assistance from Eaton Realty.

Real estate investors with exceptional properties to buy, sell, or lease waste no time in getting full value for their listings when they leverage Eaton’s proven industry connections and outstanding marketing services to promote their interests. We’ve seen market conditions rise, peak, and burst multiple times over the years. We’ve been able to act on the signs and have weathered each storm successfully. As a result, we have unusual insights into the market drivers that affect the price – and value – of your properties.

In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure that an investment property lives up to expectations, using a combination of common sense, horse sense, and practical experience. At the height of the housing bubble around 2007, for instance, we steered several clients away from so-called ‘ideal’ investment opportunities, foregoing considerable commissions. Shortly thereafter, when the bubble burst, those same clients did not face the same 50-cents-on-the-dollar situation as many of their peers.

Whether you have properties to sell or rent, trust Eaton Realty to put your goals first. We have the in-house talent to get you top-dollar fast, or we can manage your properties and ensure recurring income streams from highly-qualified tenants. If you’re looking to grow your holdings, we’ll work with you to find worthwhile opportunities.